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The Huffington Post To Launch “El Huffington Post” In Spain

Not satisfied with exploiting writers/bloggers in the United States, The Huffington Post announced that they will be launching a version of their site in Spain entitled El Huffington Post. The new site is a venture between the now owned Aol company and the Spanish El Pais, and will feature the same type of content found in the American version but, you know, with a local twist and entirely in Spanish. Founder Arianna Huffington speaking to Capital New York about the project and what it hopes to accomplish:

“It’s going to be very, very rooted in Spanish culture and politics, but with The Huffington Post template of curation, original reporting and blogging… [we] will look at what we can do in Latin America and all Spanish-speaking countries. El Pais has huge credibility across the Spanish-speaking world, so we’re looking at what we can do together beyond Spain.”

Hold your caballos there, Arianna. I might be wrong about this, but El Pais might not hold as much clout in Latin America as you might think*. In fact, Spain, from a cultural standpoint, is not the conquistador it once was when it comes to south of the border. Just look at Univision and Telemundo. Their non-U.S. produced content comes from countries like Mexico and Venezuela, not Ethpaña.

But then again, what do you expect from a media company that thinks that the best way to get a larger share of their U.S. Latino readership is to create Latino Voices.

via Capital New York

*Or in it’s own country, for that matter. One of the commenters of that article aptly called El Pais  “a failing national paper.”

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