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The Jersey Shore Invades Mexico

Sorry guys. The diagnosis isn’t good. Not only has “Jersey Shore” returned, but it has spread to Mexico. The show, currently and uncreatively titled, “Mexico Shore”, will feature an entirely new cast and air in September 2014. Doesn’t that country already have enough to deal with? Drug cartels. Immigration problems. Now beer pong fights and ab routines? I suppose sending “Jersey Shore” to Mexico makes sense. We already exploit their cheap labor, so why not exploit their youth by sending over this cultural dirty bomb?

The format of the show is expected to remain largely the same. For those of you who are unfamiliar, an episode of the “Jersey Shore” typically featured several scantily clad slop-tarts fighting over who has the best tan and hair – and that’s just the men. Honestly, I’m a little scared. The fights on the “Jersey Shore” were the stuff of legend. I can’t imagine what kind of fights we’ll see on this show. I hope MTV Latinoamérica knows what it’s getting itself into. Along with “Jersey Shore”, Mexico will also get its own version of MTV’s hit “Ridiculousness”, where it will bring the country laughs and be a rip-off of a rip-off of Tosh.0.

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