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The Return Of Leisure Suit Larry

We love video games here at Tu Vez, (what else were we going to do with our dateless teen years?) It’s fun to go to other worlds and fight dragons, kill aliens, and carjack people. All that escapism is great but sometimes we wish they were a little more realistic. As fun as questing after the Triforce or rescuing a princess can be, why can’t the goal be something more down to Earth. As men, we are all motivated by our search for three things: power, food (money), and sex. ALL MEN. The first two are well represented, but what about the third?

The only game that ever had sex as its primary goal is back: Leisure Suit Larry. He first appeared in the 1987 game “Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards”, which was followed by several sequels. The object of the game is to get your slimy character Larry Laffer laid, (alliteration!). It’s that simple, and in that simplicity lies its brilliance. The new game is a remake of the original and will be in HD. The game will be available on Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network platforms. Get some.

Via Wired.

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