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The Silk Road Is Back!

The Silk Road, the notorious drug and general bad stuff site, is back! We told you last month about the site where anything and everything was for sale getting shut down by the FBI. The evil supervillain that ran the site, Ross Ulbricht, is behind bars but apparently his team of evil nerds re-launched the site. The admin in charge of Silk Road has the handle Dread Pirate Roberts, after the mysterious man in black from The Princess Bride. It’s kind of weird that the head of an international crime syndicate would take his name from a fairy tale rom-com, but whatever. He announced the rebirth of the site on Twitter because even criminals incessantly tweet. The Silk Road is already selling all kinds of drugs and will no doubt have its full array of vice up and running really soon. But what can be done about it?

Ultimately, it’s a losing battle. Much like pirated music and movies there is no way to stop it indefinitely. For every Pirate Bay that the feds shut down ten more sites just like it pop up. The same thing goes for the Silk Road. If it isn’t the exact same people it will be someone of the same ilk. The Internet is the last true wilderness and policing it is an uphill battle. Not that they shouldn’t try. Ulbricht’s site is behind countless crimes including murder, fraud, theft, drugs, and general badness.

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