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There Is Now A Tejo App

It’s a great day for tejo entusiasts! You know tejo, right? The greatest sport to come out of Colombia since… Okay, so maybe you don’t know what Tejo is. How can I describe it? Well, it’s two-parts boredom, two-parts heavy drinking, and two-parts throwing weighty objects at gunpowder. I can only assume you’re probably chomping at the bit to have all that excitement in the palm of your hand? Well, thanks to Big Teeth Media, there’s an app for that: Tejo World Tour Pro 2.0! Technology sure is a beautiful thing when a culture is able to use it to advance as well as celebrate their heritage. Right?

Here’s a fun clip of live action tejo:

For those of you who aren’t cool, the game plays somewhat like cornhole meets skee-ball, where you can get different levels of points based on how good your accuracy is. Adding to the excitement of getting points, a direct hit on a “mecha” (a triangle paper envelope filled with gunpowder) results in a macho explosion that lets everyone in the area know you’ve got cojones and you’re not f–kin’ around.

I know what you’re wondering – sure this app has explosions, but will it quench my thirst for stereotypes? Judging by the character selection screen, the answer to that is a resounding…yes? Just not the ones you might expect considering the game is kinda-sorta the national pastime of Colombia. The characters look more like redneck villains in an old Disney movie than anything else (and I suppose that makes sense when you take into account that booze and gunpowder are accepted forms of currency in most trailer parks I’ve been to).

Though the characters have names like Don Tejo, I have to think, on some level, that the characters were created to appear ethnically tame to avoid hitting any overwhelming cultural cliches. I imagine if Rockstar had made this game, we might have seen a character like a corrupt police officer sitting on a burro, named Don Juan Escobar, who had a perpetual case of the sniffles and shot his gun in the air to celebrate his victories. The creators of the game clearly wanted to bring tejo to the rest of the world without playing up the preexisting stereotypes usually associated with Colombia, and that’s a good thing.

Be sure to check out the game at the Apple store and let us know what you think.


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