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Things My White Boss Says: Burritos, Beer, And Babies

We all have them: the supervisor/boss who doesn’t really know much about Latinos or our culture, and as a result says dumb things that border on the offensive.  Most of them are well-meaning, others not so much. But they all have one thing in common, their ignorance. Below are their stories, submitted by you.

I work in IT and my direct supervisor is this “good ol’ boy” from Mississippi. Yeah, someone from the great state of Mississipi that knows a thing or two about computers. Hard to believe. Anyway, the other day he walked in with a Chipotle bag and stopped by my cubicle to brag about the fact that he was eating “my people’s food.” Crazy, right? It gets better. After talking to me about how he just loved that cute Mexican girl working behind the counter (“if she’s an illegal, I’d happily help her get her green card.”)  he drops the following bombshell on me: “Hey, are they called burritos because they used to be made with donkey meat.” Um, WTF?
J.P. from Omaha, Nebraska

Two months ago my wife gave birth to our first born child. I took a week off from work when our daughter was born. When I came back, there was a six pack of Corona beers waiting for me on my desk with a card that said “One for each kid!” I’m not even Mexican.
-G.M. from None Of Your Business, USA

If you would like to tell your tale, shoot us an email at tuvezwhitebossstories (at) gmail (dot) com. Every story submitted will remain anonymous.

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