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This Latin Life: Brazil Buys The Moon, Sofia Vergara Causes A Stir With See-Through Pants

Welcome to “This Latin Life,” a recurring feature in which we bring you the news from south of the border in quick, funny nugget form. Mmm, nuggets…

Apparently someone has been selling Brazil real estate on the MOON. Yes, that MOON. Who’s selling them this land? A Nigerian royal family? It sounds like a scam but it’s apparently legit. Brazil has already purchased over 4,000 acres of MOON, making them the largest property owners on the MOON. Right behind them in land ownership are Argentina and Chile. Look, South America, just because a few intolerant U.S. citizens call you “aliens” doesn’t mean it’s true. You don’t have to live on the MOON. Also, just because you have a piece of paper saying you own some land on the MOON doesn’t mean our government will let you keep it. Just ask the Native Americans. Oh well, if you want to find out how you can purchase your own plot of land on the MOON (it might make a nice Christmas present) please read the story at Hispanically Speaking News.

Well, most good things about Sofia Vergara come in pairs, so maybe it’s no coincidence that we’re reporting two different stories about her this week. 1.) On Wednesday, Vergara was seen prancing around L.A. in “see-through” tights (pictured above). Some people might question whether or not this is actually news. Those people can go to hell. 2.) Congrats to Sofia Vergara! Her work as Gloria on Modern Family has earned her a Screen Actors Guild nomination. It’s funny how a woman known for causing so much firmness in my life could be nominated for something called a SAG Award. Nothing SAGGY about Gloria! Am I right, players? High-five! [Fox Latino] & [US Magazine]

Attention, concealed weapon enthusiasts and South American futbol fans, if you were worried that attending the World Cup might be too much out of your price range, FIFA has come up with a plan to offer free or reduced priced tickets in exchange for your pistols. Isn’t that great news? They’re inviting people who normally carry around guns to an event known the world over to incite riots. Of course everyone knows that guns are for sissies any way. Real men use socks filled with marbles and barbed wire to show their enemies the real meaning of team spirit. [Guardian UK]


Fun for the whole family!

For Sheryl Williams Stapleton (New Mexico Democrat Rep) “The Mexican” isn’t the cursed gun from a Brad Pitt movie, it’s what you call Susana Martinez, the nation’s first Latina governor. Apparently she used the term several times during a heated exchange. Considering that New Mexico has a 46% Latino population, calling Martinez “The Mexican” would be like going to a bald convention and saying, “the bathrooms are by the bald guy.” It’s not so much offensive as it is confusing. Anyway, for those of you who are uncomfortable or upset, relax. Stapleton “The Bitch” wants you to know that she’s half-black and half-Spanish, so apparently it’s okay for her to promote racism? [KRQE] & [FOX Latino]

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