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This Latin Life: Tejo, Drug Tunnels, and Pope Blood

Welcome to “This Latin Life,” a recurring feature in which we bring you the news from south of the border in quick, funny nugget form. Mmm, nuggets…

In a country where roughly half the population lives in poverty, it’s the simple things that make life enjoyable. So what better way for Colombians looking to blow off some steam after a week at the factory than by watching ladies throw metal disks at explosives? This isn’t a Robert Rodriguez movie, it’s Colombia’s official national sport, Tejo (cornhole meets molotov cocktails). Traditionally a game for drunken macho-men or angry rioters, mainstream Colombian acceptance has given women the opportunity to create their own leagues, much to the delight one-eyed spectators all around the country. This is a sport I can get behind, as it’s definitely nice to see women throw objects at something that isn’t my head for once.

Hey screwy, you took the wrong turn in St. Louis. Taking a page out of Looney Toons, Mexican drug traffickers were caught this week burrowing a Bugs Bunny style ‘narco-tunnel’ from Mexico to the United States. At the entrance of the tunnel was an alter for Santa Muerte – the saint of death – who cartels have adopted as their patron saint. Apparently drug traffickers didn’t think Mexicans already had enough stereotypes to overcome; now you can add subterranean brujas to to the mix.

Speaking of, hey you know what Mexico could use to spruce up its blood thirsty image? The display of a capsule containing blood drawn from Pope John Paul IIon his death bed. What’s that you say? The dream will soon become a reality? Well holy taco Batman! As of this week through  December, Pope enthusiasts will have the opportunity to prove their faith by visiting this religious artifact … There’s nothing inherently creepy about kneeling in front of a dead man’s blood, right? Though the Pope has been dead for several years, his ability to continually put out new material is not surprising. Many in the religious world (myself) have always referred to John Paul II as the Tupac of Catholicism.

This past week, the Huffington Post finally recognized that Latinos are a valuable demographic by adding the Latino Voices to their website. According to Miguel Ferrer, Latino Voices plans to ask the tough questions, like, “Who are the American Latinos and what do they want?” Well, I can’t speak for all American Latinos, that might make me sound as if I’m generalizing a group of people; however, I will say that after the cancellation of George Lopez last week, it’s nice to see another avenue for cultural understanding open up. As the old adage goes: when God shuts a door, he opens a window … unless  you lived in my house, where letting the A/C out during a Texas summer could get you a beating.

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