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This Week On Being Latino: How To Throw A Latino Party

Being Latino, the largest Latino community on Facebook, is a communication platform designed to educate and connect all peoples across the global Latino spectrum. They also have a fascinating online magazine. Every week, we’ll be featuring a story we feel you should read.

We Latinos have been known to party here and then. It’s what we do, and we do it oh so well. In today’s selection from our good friends over at Being Latino, Adriana Villavicencio breaks it down and tells you how to throw a good, fun-as-hell Latino party. From her post:

“2) Tragos (Drinks): When Latinos drink at a party, they don’t usually grab the neat scotch in the tiny tumbler. They are more inlcined to order something that actually looks exciting – think mojitossangria,margaritas. This is not to discount the cold crisp cerveza or the full-bodied glass of vino, but it’s a party…live a little!”

Live a little, indeed. Read the rest of the story here.

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