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This Week On Being Latino: The Mexification Of A.C. Slater

Being Latino, the largest Latino community on Facebook, is a communication platform designed to educate and connect all peoples across the global Latino spectrum. They also have a fascinating online magazine. Every week, we’ll be highlighting a story we feel you should read.

Saved By The Bell was an important part of childhood for anyone born before 1990. No one denies this. Everyone remembers the preppy Zack Morris, the hot bombshell cheerleader Kelly Kapowski, the nerdy and annoying Screech Powers, and of course, the dumb jock A.C. Slater. For most of the show’s episode, Slater was nothing more than a heel to Zack’s face. But then, the show got serious… sort of. Towards the end of the series, A.C. Slater went from being a meathead to a socially conscious Chicano. How or why did this happen? Being Latino writer Eric Jude Cortes tells us why.

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