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This Week On Being Latino: Whitewashing In Hollywood

Being Latino, the largest Latino community on Facebook, is a communication platform designed to educate and connect all peoples across the global Latino spectrum. They also have a fascinating online magazine. Every week, we’ll be featuring a story we feel you should read.

It’s no secret that Hollywood has a tendency to cast white dudes as Hispanics. That almost happened with the role of Pancho Villa. It was rumored that Johnny Depp was going to play the legendary Mexican rebel on film. The actor ended up turning down the role because he felt it should go to someone who’s Hispanic (we agreed).

Unfortunately, Depp’s actions are an isolated incident, and as we speak, the film industry is working on whitewashing other people of color. In this week’s selection from Being Latino, Ulises Silva cites Akira, an animated film based on a Japanese comic book, as an example. Currently being remade with an all-white cast, Silva urges people to get off their lazy ass and do something to undo this justice.

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