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This Week On “Being Latino”: Why Wasn’t The SOTU On Univision?

Being Latino, the largest Latino community on Facebook, is a communication platform designed to educate and connect all peoples across the global Latino spectrum. They also have a fascinating online magazine. Every week, we’ll be featuring a story we feel you should read.

In today’s selection from our friends at Being Latino, Luis Arellano argues that the two major Latino networks in the United States– Univision and Telemundo– should have aired President Obama’s State of the Union address earlier this week instead of telenovelas.

We support this 100%. To us, their failure to air the SOTU address is an indication that these two networks don’t particularly care to cater to a much younger and politically aware Latino. They care more about entertaining abuelita with her stories than to inform a populace that’s steadily becoming a key to victory for politicians.

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