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Tony Romo Is Going To Be A Dad

by Fidel Martinez

Looks like Tony Romo has something to celebrate. No, not the Dallas Cowboys’ disappointing 3-3 record. Antonio Ramiro Romo revealed today at a high school visit that he and wife Candice Crawford are expecting a child. Looks like Romo passed the pigskin through the uprights, if you catch my not-so-subtle drift.

First of all, I’d just like to wish the happy couple congratulations, and especially a high-five to Tony for getting a white chick pregnant. Nice job on spreading La Raza seed. I can just imagine the Crawford parents. “She’s what?!?! Pregnant? By a Mexican!?” Relax, gringos. He may be Mexican, but he’s wealthy and quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, which, if you’re a Texan, counts for a lot.

Reclaiming Aztlan one white girl at a time.

Of course, this good news comes with a caveat. Should the Cowboys lose this weekend against Philadelphia,how likely is it that the yammering heads over at ESPN will use this as an excuse to further grill him? How could they not? Romo has been the punching bag of choice all season long.

As per that kid, man he better hope his dad wins a championship (yes I’m assuming Tony Romo will have a son) lest he wants to grow up to be child of the most underachieving  good quarterback in Dallas Cowboys’ history.

via Dallas Morning News

Fidel Martinez is Managing Editor of Tu Vez.

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