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(English) Top Ten Super Bowl Finger Foods 2019

It’s that time of the year when football and non football fans get together for the Super Bowl. regardless if you are watching the big game or just the commercials, a big screen TV and plenty of ice-cold beverages are essential. But another important part of watching the Super Bowl is the food.

We take a look at the top 10 popular finger foods and appetizers for the Super Bowl according to Sports Illustrated.

10. Chili

No we are not talking about salsa or chiles toreados. We are talking about a big bowl of simmering pot of chili. This sounds like a match made in football food heaven, but if you are not careful and eat too much you will be tu full to fully enjoy other snacks and even risk of falling asleep in the second half.

9. Jalapeño Poppers

These spicy, creamy, crunchy and easy to eat: jalapeño poppers are a perfect Super Bowl snack. To avoid spending five hours deep frying 50 tittle poppers head to the frozen food section of your grocery store and pick up a pack or two, they hardly involve any work at all.

8. Veggie Platter

The classic veggie platter is a staple of most pot lucks and parties. This is a good option for vegan, vegetarian or rabbit friends. The only question is which dressing to pick, ranch or blue cheese?

7. Pigs in a Blanket

These mini finger foods have stood the test of time and they are kid-friendly. You can enjoy them with mustard or ketchup just make sure you don’t get called out
by the hard core hotdog fans.

6. Pizza

Oh yes the classic slice of pizza. This food item is so versatile with the infinity of toppings you can add, and with the recent innovations like cheese in the crust whats not to like about pizza 364 days a year. And lets not forget you can drizzle chimichurri on it, yes!

5. Sliders

The good All-American burger in a miniature version. Sliders cant take any shape or flavor: meatball, pull pork, chicken farm, turkey and good old ground beef.
Whatever you choose, make sure you leave room for other food items.

4. Buffalo chicken dip

This dip combined with that all-time classic chicken wings with cheesy, creamy and scoopable-ness of a dip into one delicious dish is so good.

3. Nachos

Just like pizza, nachos have an endless variety of toppings you can add. You can go with the classic chips, nacho cheese and sliced jalapeños or add chicken, beans, pico de gallo, guac. The toppings combinations are endless and that is what makes this a perfect party food.

2. Chips and guac

This dynamic due is a must for any Super Bowl party and its so easy to make. Plus guac is perfect for other food items like Nachos, sliders and tacos.

1. Wings

You can’t have a Super Bowl party without chicken wings. There are so many options to choose from. Classic buffalo wings, sweat and tangy terriyaki or hot and spice wings. Lets not forget the endless dipping sauces available and wings go perfect with a cold beer.

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