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Trailer for “ChupaCobra”

The trailer for the latest film by the great (Frank) Stallone is here just in time for Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos: ChupaCobra. (Frank) Stallone stars as an ex-Mexican special forces soldier named Cabron who is brought out of retirement when a mysterious creature starts killing his goats. Much violence and people in bad Chupacabra costumes ensue. I know this is just a joke from our friends at Break but I think this movie HAS to get made. I volunteer to direct. We should start up a Kickstarter or something. Won’t you give some money to make what is certain to be a blockbuster hit? Anyone? No one? Is this a bad idea? I really need to stop drinking when I write. I need help…

Anyway, watch (Frank) Stallone shoot guns at a guy in a lizard suit!

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