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Transfer Rumors: Chicharito Hernandez To Real Madrid?

According to British tabloid The Sun, Real Madrid has their eye set on Manchester United‘s– and Tu Vez favorite– Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. The Spanish club is prepared to pay over £30 million for his transfer fee, five times what Man U. paid Chivas de Guadalajara for the 23-year-old Mexican wunderkind. He would become the second Mexican national (after Hugo Sanchez) to play for the Spanish Club.

It’s hard to discern the validity of this rumor given the source. The Sun isn’t exactly the emblem of good journalism per se, and it’s not like they cite any sources to suppor their claims. Still, should this rumors be true, here’s hoping that Chicharito, who scored 20 goals in his first 44 matches, stays with Manchester United. The young striker was successful in his first season at the English Premiere League, something no other Mexican footballer can claim to. Amazingly, despite all his accomplishments, Chicharito is still a developing talent and moving to a new club where playing time is not a guarantee would arrest his development.

Real Madrid is a team so stacked with superstars that great players who could easily start for top tier European teams ride the bench. Should they acquire Hernandez, it’s quite possible the he could be lost in the shuffle. This is speculative of course, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Chicharito became what Carlos Vela and Giovani Dos Santos were to Arsenal FC and Barcelona (respectively): young talent frittering away on the bench.

via The Sun

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