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Why You Should Travel To Cuba Now

In a move sure to piss off everyone at Cuban coffee stands across Miami, President Donald Trump has yet to remove President Obama’s executive orders easing restrictions against travel to Cuba. Get ready to drink one dollar mojitos in a bar where Hemingway once puked if you are a student or part of a religious organization!

Even though he promised all the old farts in Miami that are still fighting the Cold War that he would close the door on travel to Cuba, Trump seems in no hurry to do so. Probably because he wants to open a chain of Trump hotels and golf courses on the island. But you never know when the moneyed Cuban-Americans will push him to make it harder, so you should go NOW.

To further encourage you to make this trek to the Caribbean island-nation, we’ve compiled this helpful list of things to do:

The previously mentioned one dollar mojitos are at La Bodeguita Del Medio. You’ll get the original drink before it was ruined by American ‘mixologists’. There’s also La Floridita, the birthplace of the daiquiri. You know who puked at both places? Hemingway. The bartenders at both locations make a concerted effort to tell ou about it. And if that’s not your cup of tea, you can just buy the rum yourself and get sauced in your hotel room. The bottles are usually around 4.50 of their convertible currency, which comes out to about $3.50 in American dollars.

Also, go see crumbling buildings. Havana is a truly beautiful city with amazing architecture dating back 500 years. Unfortunately, a lot of it is falling apart. It’s like Detroit but with more character and less crack. Parts of the city have been restored, particularly the beautiful and tourist-friendly La Habana Vieja. As per safety, there’s no real concern there. One of the benefits of living in a brutal police state is that the crime rate is low.

Now, you may be tempted to explore the darker and the not so legal world of prostitution (ed. note: Tu Vez does not condone or encourage the practice of prostitution!). If so, you’re probably in the right city. There’s a reason Havana used to be called “The whorehouse of the Caribbean”. The prostitutes, or Jineteras (jockeys), are readily available and will usually approach you as long as you aren’t with your wife or girlfriend. When we were propositioned, they told us that it would cost around $30 of their convertible currency plus the amount you have to bribe the guy at the front desk of your hotel to let her go up to your room. The tip is not included in that $30 price. Should you choose to partake in this illicit activity, remember that Cuba has free health care and the government strongly encourages the use of condoms.

Then, there are the beaches. Cuban women wear very small bikinis that were imported from Brazil and are gorgeous as hell. The beaches themselves are as beautiful as the women. Places to go: Varadero in Matanzas and Cayo Coco in Ciego De Avila.

Seriously, if you’re a college student and are looking for a place to go this Spring Break, the only acceptable destination is Cuba.

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