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Tron Legacy Review

They did it. Tron Legacy is everything you want it to be. It out Matrixes The Matrix with its special physics and gravity, and even more poignant metaphysical themes.

My favorite part is actually in the real world though. Seeing the Tron memorabilia, toys and posters in young Sam Flynn’s room shows a world in which our Tron exists in a more real way. I love the idea that grown up Sam (Garrett Hedlund) is using his family cred to mess with the Encom board and rebel against Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner). Corporations are bad and software should be free. Right, Disney?

When Sam gets into the grid, we get the spectacle we expected, but more importantly an expanded mythology and just plain cool action. It starts with revamped twists on familiar games, the discs and the cycles (no tanks though.) After that, they take us to new realms of the grid. We’re really just thrust into the world with little exposition.

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