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Trump Administration Fires Tear Gas At Refugees At Mexican Border

Things are getting out of hand at the U.S./Mexican border as the United States forces, under the direction of the Trump administration, fired tear gas at members of the migrant caravan trying to cross the border. This comes after the government shut down the border crossing at San Ysidro, which is the busiest border crossing in the country. Long lines of cars being turned back in either direction caused massive congestion. But the bigger issue was the humanitarian crisis occurring on the border. As thousands of migrant refugees from Central America flooded into Tijuana, The U.S. government’s lack of preparation led to the Mexican government having to send federal officers in to try and stop the migrants from getting to the border fence. It didn’t work. Even though the U.S. government knew that this caravan was coming for months now, they did not send any back-up to process their requests for asylum. Since they can only process 100 applications a day, this led many refugees to try and climb the fence. This is when American forces launched tear gas against men, women, and children.

The Trump administration has told Mexico to ship them all back to their country of origin where many of them face death and torture. I will remind you that applying for asylum at the border is not illegal. In fact it is protected by international law, which the Trump administration is currently violating. By not allocating the resources needed to process these people, Trump has forced a crisis. This is exactly what he wants. The problem isn’t that these people are criminals or clandestine Muslim terrorists. The problem, in the eyes of the Republican government, is that these people are Latinos and they don’t want anymore Latinos entering the country. Make no mistake, this humanitarian crisis is predicated on racism.

For those out there that may still support Trump, ask yourself this question: Are you OK with our government tear gassing children? What if our government had done that to their White ancestors when they came over from Ireland or Germany or whatever? Clearly the administration thinks that the lives of these people isn’t worth a damn.

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