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The Trump Administration Took Money From FEMA For Immigrant Detention

It’s come out today that the Trump administration authorized taking 10 million dollars from FEMA to fund the ICE immigration detentions. These are the same detentions in which families were torn apart and children were put in cages. This is FEMA money that was not used to help out the people of Puerto Rico who are still suffering from the damage inflicted almost a year ago from hurricane Maria. The document titled “Department of Homeland Security FY 2018 transfer and reprogramming notifications” outlines how this money was transferred to ICE specifically to help fund the detention of thousands of asylum seekers at the border. I guarantee that this will not happen after hurricane Florence hits North Carolina today. It is pretty clear, if it wasn’t already, that the Trump administration doesn’t give a damn about Puerto Rico in particular and Latinos in general.

If you had to sum up the administration’s attitudes towards Latinos, this is it. On the one hand they could care less that Puerto Ricans (who, lest we forget, are American citizens) are still suffering. It also came out today that thousands of bottles of water are still sitting on an airstrip in Puerto Rico and were never given out. This in spite of the fact that there are still people in rural areas without clean drinking water. On the other hand you see what the administration’s priorities are: keeping Latinos out of the country and intimidating the ones that are already here…undocumented or not. I’ve had people lately tell me that I’m overreacting. That these policies are not based on racism but on sound immigration policy.


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