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Trump And Clinton Face Off In Debate


Last night presidential nominees Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in the first televised presidential debate at Hofstra University in New York. The anticipation before the debate was frenzied on both sides. Trump’s supporters couldn’t wait for him to “give it” to Hilary and Clinton’s supporters couldn’t wait for her to debate the incoherent orange Cheeto in an open debate. Trump started out calm and collected, clearly he had been coached in his demeanor. But as the evening wore on he became increasingly unhinged and strident. He interrupted, condescended, whined, and bullied. You know, the usual Trump behavior.

Latinos came up quite a bit in the ways Trump has brought them up before. He spoke of gangs of “illegals” roaming the streets with guns killing people. He said that Blacks and Latinos were “living in Hell”. He used the twin weapons of xenophobia and threats of violence that have worked so effectively for him in the past with his supporters. He just repeated the same sound bites and talking points that he has said for months. While Clinton prepared and stayed calm he clearly was ill equipped to debate her. He probably figured he could just wing it. It came off not as natural, like he intended, but as sloppy and scattered.

Ask yourself this question: if this orange a-hole isn’t willing to put in the work to prepare for a 90 minute debate what’s he going to do when he’s president?

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