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Trump Seeks To Limit Legal Immigration

President Donald Trump ran on a platform of limiting and eliminating “illegal immigration”, even proposing a ludicrous giant wall along the U.S. Mexico border. Now he has decided that he is also going to limit legal immigration to the United States as well with a bill he is pushing in the congress. These are people who have gone through the arduous process of obtaining documents to come to the U.S. through proper channels. In other words, they did it “the right way” according to conservatives. Latino groups on both sides of the aisle have condemned the new policy. Senator Bob Menendez said,

“Unfortunately, today’s proposal is a sad reminder that the Republican agenda on immigration is the product of extremists who prey on immigrants while the majority of Americans … continue to ask for practical, common sense immigration policies that put people and families first without harming our economy in the name of nativism.”

This is an example of just what is really behind these policies that Trump has been pushing since day one of his candidacy. It isn’t about curtailing crime or removing a strain on the economy. It is a policy which seeks to limit the immigration of people who are not White. It would surprise me greatly if the same policy would have been enacted if the people emigrating to this country were from France or England. It is hard to argue, if people are being honest, that racism and nativism aren’t behind this.

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