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Trump To Send The National Guard To The Mexican Border

President Donald Trump signed a proclamation yesterday in which he said he will deploy the National Guard to the Mexican/American border until his controversial border wall can be erected. He is also looking into having the military itself build the wall for him with money that has been set aside for defense. This is because instead of the 21 billion he needs to erect a giant unnecessary wall along thousands of miles across 5 states, congress only gave him a little over 1 billion. That’s enough to patch up some of the fences. That is not good enough for Trump who ran largely on the promise that he would build a giant wall to, you know, keep out brown people. Of course, it doesn’t matter that congress will never approve him taking money from the defense budget and funds allocated for the military to build the wall. He lives in his own reality. The proclamation read,

“To secure the border and make America safe, we need to deploy the National Guard. Deploying the National Guard will serve as an immediate deterrent while dramatically enhancing operational control of the U.S. border.”

Sending in the national guard is a ludicrous idea. Even if he had the money now, it is going to take years to erect the wall. What if the national guard is needed elsewhere? They are just supposed to patrol the border as well as thuggish ICE agents? Doesn’t that seem a tad…overkill? Especially seeing as immigration from Latin America and Mexico is actually decreasing. Latino immigrants, legal or otherwise, are now the third largest immigrant group after the Chinese and Indians. But this isn’t really about public safety, crime, or job security, it’s about xenophobia. It’s about his base, which is largely White Christian Evangelicals, who are terrified of Latino immigrants because, you know, racism. What I know is that a lot of people are going to die at the border to feed his xenophobic military fantasies.

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