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Trump Will Keep DACA…If Congress Will Build The Wall

President Donald Trump, who ran on the promise that he would get rid of DACA and send The Dreamers back to their country of origin, has apparently changed his mind. But don’t think this is due to some Grinch-like moral epiphany. He has told a bi-partisan group of senators that are seeking to protect DACA that he will keep the program, founded by his arch-nemesis Barack Obama, IF Congress will fund his 18 million dollar border wall. The wall was a cornerstone of his campaign, promising his racist constituents that he would keep out all of those scary Mexicans from coming over by a giant border wall. This in spite of the fact that immigration from Latin America is decreasing and that Chinese and Indian immigration outpaces immigration from Latin America by leaps and bounds. But what do facts matter to Donald J. Trump.

The DACA program was instituted to protect young people who were brought over undocumented but have spent most of their lives here. If they meet certain criteria they would be put on a path to a green card or citizenship. The thought being that they did not choose to come to the U.S. undocumented and shouldn’t be punished. Trump slammed the program and has tried to get rid of it. But now he saw a bargaining chip. He said,

“We’d love to take care of DACA, but we’re only going to do it under these conditions.”

He has also vowed that he would “resolve the DACA issue with heart and compassion.” Of course, because Trump is a child, he’ll only do the right thing if he’s rewarded with something he wants. He also know that most of the people working to save DACA, Republicans and Democrats, don’t want the wall. So, it allows him a way to kill DACA while saying, “Well, tried to save it and the Dems and establishment Republicans refused to bargain. Nice try, Donald, but I see you.

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