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Tu Vez Culinary Academy: Chicken Quesadillas

Welcome to the Tu Vez Latino Culinary Academy! We are determined to teach Latino men how to feed themselves without having to go to a drive-through. Will it be an old family recipe? A delicious cocktail? A trade secret? Stay tuned to find out!

The humble quesadilla is a dish that people think is a Tex-Mex creation, but it actually isn’t. People have been eating quesadillas inl Mexico for a loooong time. Along with the cheese, they’ll fill them with whatever they have on hand: chicken, pork tinga, pumpkin flowers, beef, and the hilariously named corn fungus called corn smut (huitlacoche) . It’s a fast and easy snack or a full blown meal depending on what you put in it and how big you make it. You can use two tortillas to make a big boy or just fold over one tortilla for a smaller variation. Here, is a chicken quesadilla recipe, but you can fill them with whatever you want or just have them with cheese.

Chicken Quesadilla

5 Corn tortillas. Get the bigger ones. If you prefer flour, go for it.

1/2 Stick of butter

1/2 Lb of Oaxaca cheese. You can use chihuahua, Monterrey jack, or even mozzarella if you can’t find Oaxaca. It’s more Italian than Mexican, but whatever.

1 Pound of chicken

Salt to taste

1 Tsp of chili powder

1 Tsp of garlic powder

1 Tsp of onion powder

1 Onion diced

Cut the chicken into squares. Cover liberally with chili, garlic, salt, and onion powder. Saute the chicken in a pan along with the onions with a little butter. Cook it until it isn’t pink and deadly. Put the chicken and onion aside. Take a griddle or flat pan and get it really hot. Put a small pat of butter on the griddle and immediately put a tortilla on it, flat. Sprinkle the cheese on one half of the tortilla along with the chicken and onions. Fold the tortilla over on itself and flip it over after a couple of minutes. When it is a golden brown and the cheese has melted, you are ready to eat. Top it with some salsa, guacamole, or sour cream if you want.

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