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Tu Vez Latino Culinary Academy: Bistec Empanizado Or Milanesa

Welcome to the Tu Vez Latino Culinary Academy! We are determined to teach Latino men how to feed themselves without having to go to a drive-through. Will it be an old family recipe? A delicious cocktail? A trade secret? Stay tuned to find out!

What is the manliest of foods? Steak. A piece of a big dead animal that you put on a fire like our ancestors (Homo Hispanicus) did. What is second only to steak, in not necessarily manliness, but deliciousness? Anything breaded or battered. You can lie to yourself, that you prefer that tofu and seaweed salad to a bucket of fried chicken, but you can’t lie to us. The great state of Texas gave us the chicken fried steak, a deep fried batter dipped steak covered in cream gravy. But we Latinos have been eating a similar dish for a long time: bistec milanesa or bistec empanizado. This thin breaded steak is a quick, easy, and delicious dinner. Steak+Breading= yum.

Bistec Empanizado or Bistec Milanesa

1 Tbsp of olive oil

6 Thinly sliced sirloin steaks, about 1/4 of an inch thick

1 Large onion chopped. Yellow onions are best but you can use white ones. We aren’t onion racist.

4 Garlic cloves minced. What good is a Latino recipe that doesn’t make your breath stink?

1/2 Cup of sour orange. If you can’t find it in the “ethnic food aisle” just mix together some orange juice with the juice of three limes.

1 Cup cracker meal ground up. You can also use flour or corn meal if you want

4 Eggs, beaten up like your grandfather’s old recliner

Salt and Pepper to taste

Put the steaks, onion, garlic, and sour orange in a large non-metal bowl. Sprinkle both sides of the steaks with salt and pepper. Let them marinate in the fridge for at least 6 hours or overnight. You can use this time to spend with your girl, learn Tae-bo, or read every article on Tu Vez. When you are ready to cook them, create a dipping work station by putting a bowl with the beaten eggs next to a flat dish with the cracker meal and a separate plate next to that. Dip the steaks in the egg mixture, making sure to coat it thoroughly. This is the binding to hold the breading on, and if you don’t do it right it will all fall off in the pan. Then bread both sides of the steaks and put them on the plate. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan on medium heat and cook each steak until golden. You know it’s time to flip them when the edges start to brown. Saute the onions and put them on top of the steaks if you want (and you do). Slice some lime wedges for an extra citrusy squeeze on the steaks if people want. Serve with rice, beans, yucca, fries, or maduros.


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