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Tu Vez Spanglish Dictionary Word Of The Day: Frijidairé


Noun: A way of referring to a refrigerator by calling it by a bastardized pronunciation of Frigidaire. Apparently, Frigidaire was one of the first companies to sell refrigerators in Latin America. People started calling it by a mispronunciation of the brand name. The correct way of saying refrigerator is refrigeradora or nevera, which are easier to say than frijidiaré. So, we don’t get it.

EX: “Pon la cerveza en el frijidairé. Aye espacio detras de mis cabezas de ardillas.”

TR: “Put the beer in the refrigerator. There is room behind all of my squirrel heads.”

EX: “Mi novia me tiro fuera de la casa y ahora vivo en una caja de frijidairé.”

TR: “My girlfriend threw me out of the house, so now I live in a refrigerator box.”

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