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Tu Vez Spanglish Dictionary Word Of The Day: Picko


Noun: This is the English word pickup, as in pickup truck. Often heard in places like the South and Midwest where every other car is a pickup. The correct Spanish word is camioneta or camionera. It’s so very very stupid sounding when people say picko. For all we know you are talking about a pickle. You’re going to come get me in your pickle? No thanks.

EX: “Yo puedo colocar por lo menos 15 cadaveres en mi picko.”

TR: “I can accommodate at least 15 corpses in my pickup.”

EX: “Mi favorita pelicula es “Urban Cowboy” con John Travolta. Por eso manejo un picko y monto el toro mecanico.”

TR: “My favorite movie is “Urban Cowboy” with John Travolta. That’s why I drive a pickup and ride mechanical bulls.”

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