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Tu Vez Spanglish Language Dictionary Word Of The Day: Eleoliando


Verb: The bastardized version of the text speak LOL’ing. If you typed it in Spanish it would still be LOL (Laughing Out Loud), as this has become the international way of texting bemusement. This word is something you would say if you used LOL’ing in spoken conversation. One could say risa or carcajada (laugh), but instead they went with eloliando. There is so much wrong with this:

1) You are vocalizing something meant to be written.

2) LOL is an abbreviation of an English phrase.

3) By saying eloliando, not only have you bastardized a phrase in another language, you have turned an abbreviation into a really long word.

EX: “Cuando se le rompieron los pantalones a el cura, nos pasamos eleoliando por dos horas.”

TR: “When the priest’s pants ripped, we were LOL’ing for two hours.”

EX: “Estabamos eleoliando el otro dia recordando las vez que matamos a ese vagabundo.”

TR: “We were LOL’ing the other day thinking about that time we killed that hobo.”

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