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TuVez End Of Summer Playlist

Summer might be nearly over, but the way we see it, if the sun is shining and the ladies are baring skin, the spirit of the season is still going strong. Of course, no celebration is complete without music, and we’ve got you covered with a little help from Wakal, El Tri, Mana and others. Try this fiesta-ready playlist. Click below to listen to the full set on Spotify.

1. “Mi Mejor Amigo” by Wakal
2. “Cerdo” by Molotov
3. “Si Senor” by Control Machete
4. “Las Piedres Rodantes” by El Tri
5. “La Chula” by Mana
6. “La Mesa De Rincon” by Los Tigres Del Norte
7. “Solo Por Hoy” by Azul Violeta
8. “Tatuajes” by Joan Sebastian
9. “Desechable” by Telefunka
10. “Lions In the Forest” by B-Real

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