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Bienvenidos A Twitterlandia

Twitter is an interesting beast. Each day, millions of people use the forum to rant and rave, to make astute observations and/or to post idiotic and nonsensical rants. Most tweets are ephemeral and aren’t worthy of your attention. There are a few, however, that deserve to be read by everyone. This is what “Twitterlandia,” what we hope will be a recurring feature, is all about.

With that said, let’s have mariachi/ranchera singer Pepe Aguilar kick things off for us:

Attaboy, Pepe. Twitterlandia indeed.

Moving on. Nothing’s more Latino than piropos, the catcalls that are as crude as they are amusing. The latest to make us laugh comes from Galaztia, Mexican viral star known for some awfulsome techno songs (check his Youtube page here. We recommend “Sexo Y Alcohol.”):

We’re not sure if we’re salivating because of la mamacita in question, or because we’re now craving a torta ahogada, a “drowned sandwich.”

And ending this inaugural segment is a tweet from the now-closed account of the 16-year-old daughter of Mexican presidential hopeful Enrique Peña Nieto, who took to the twitterverse to insult those who were making fun of her father after he had this particular gaffe.

Here’s the translation for those of you who don’t speak Spanish: “A big hello to all the a-holes that form part of the proletariat and only criticize those that they envy.” Proletariat. That’s a pretty big word for a 16-year-old. She seems better read than her father!

Have a tweet you think is worthy of sharing? Send us a DM at @tu_vez!

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