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How Did Two Cubans Come To Run For President?

With the exception of Ben Carson, the presidential race is pretty White. The only other candidates that are not Lilly White are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. They are Latinos of Cuban descent. How is it that for the first time that Latinos run for president they are both white, (with a small W), and Cuban? Certainly they aren’t the biggest Latino group in the country. Mexicans outnumber them greatly. And yet, Cuban-Americans have been senators, congressmen, and other political posts much more than any other Latino group. Why is that? It has to do with the advantage Cubans have over other Latino immigrants. I know because my family benefited from this same immigration policy.
Unlike Mexicans or any other immigrant group on Earth, once Cubans set foot on U.S. Soil they are in. My mother crossed the border in Tijuana after traveling to Mexico from Cuba, with false documents. She walked into the immigration office on the American side and simply said, “I defect”. That was it. She ten claimed my grandparents and aunt that were waiting in Mexico. There were no consequences for her using false documents or anything. If she had been Salvadoran or Mexican she would have been sent back. The reason I say this story is because my mother’s story was not uncommon.
I’m not saying that my family and Rubio and Cruz’s family did not struggle when they came to the U.S., I know they did. But their benefiting off the lax immigration policy gave them a leg up on other immigrant groups. Not to mention the fact that many of the Cubans that came in the 60’s were the white, educated, upper and middle class. That is why the first two Latinos to run for president are Cuban. The truth is that that the Cubans have had it easier than other groups and that put us ahead of other immigrant groups by generations. Hopefully, as Cuban policy changes this preferential treatment that we Cubans receive.

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