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Two Latinos Among The Winners Of The MacArthur Genius Grant

Two Latinos, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Juan Salgado, were among the recipients of this year’s John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation “genius” grants. The awards give the recipients $625,000 over five years with which they can do whatever they want. Miranda is the Tony Award winning playwright of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. Salgado  is president of Instituto del Progresso Latino. The Instituto promotes education as a way for immigrants to overcome obstacles and like all non-profits I’m sure any money is welcome. Miranda can use the money to help support himself and his family while he works on his next project. As a working writer myself I can tell you that you usually are doing a few different jobs just to make ends meet. As Miranda says,

“This goes a long way toward giving artists breathing room. While ‘Hamilton’ was being written, I wrote another musical; I was on a TV show that was the lowest-rated TV show in the history of NBC; I spoke at schools; I did some corporate gigs — there’s just jobs you do because you are feeding your family.”

I think we at TuVez should apply for a grant. We’re great writers and are minorities and all. I could use $625,000.

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