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U.S. And Cuba To Open Embassies This Month

Six months after announcing an intention to ease relations between the embattled nations, President Obama and Raul Castro have announced that they will reestablish full diplomatic relations July 20th. An embassy will open in both Havana and Washington D.C. for the first time since 1960. It was then that president Kennedy cut off ties with the island nation after revolutionary leader Fidel Castro began to align himself with the Soviet Union. The move is controversial. Many Republicans, and many of my relatives in Miami, want to maintain the status quo of isolationism. You know, because that’s worked so well to destabilize the Castro regime over the years. Cuban-American presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are among those that have vowed to reverse these changes if elected president.

But will they? The truth is that there is always a lot of bluster whenever changes like these are made. Take when we established relations with China or Vietnam. Many opponents came out against these moves but when they saw that it was both the right thing to do and, most importantly for some people, the profitable thing to do. What I know is that once people see how much money is to be made with a free and open Cuba they will start singing a different tune. After all, the most important color isn’t red it’s green.


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