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U.S. Government Infiltrates Cuban Hip Hop Community

An Associated Press report blew the lid off of a USAID program which sought to infiltrate the Cuban hip hop scene to create a youth movement to overthrow the Cuban government. Millions of American tax dollars were spent sending operatives to encourage young Cuban rappers to criticize the government and call for democratic reforms. This led to the arrests of dozens of hip hop artists where they were detained and mistreated by the totalitarian regime. All of this was done with little regard for the safety of the Cubans involved in the operation. The Castro government is not exactly known for its lax policies regarding censorship. Senator Patrick Leahy said,

“The conduct described suggests an alarming lack of concern for the safety of the Cubans involved, and anyone who knows Cuba could predict it would fail. USAID never informed Congress about this and should never have been associated with anything so incompetent and reckless. It’s just plain stupid.”

Anyone who knows about Cuban hip hop is already aware that it is easily the art form that is most critical of the fifty five year old Castro regime. The scene is particularly critical of the inequalities regarding race that very much still exist in Cuba in spite of the government’s insistence that Cuba is a post-racial society. The problem is that these operations never work in Cuba and when they are found out the American government just looks stupid. The only way that real change is going to happen in Cuba is if it comes from the Cuban people itself. No amount of black ops stuff from us is going to change anything there or it would have happened by now.

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