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U.S. Withdraws Embassy Personnel From Cuba

Months after mysterious attacks on American embassy personnel was first reported, the White House has withdrawn 60% of the Cuban embassy staff and issued a travel warning to all Americans. It all began almost a year ago when several members of the embassy staff began having strange symptoms including hearing loss and brain injury with apparently no cause. Investigations by both the American and Cuban governments have shown no results. Cuban president Raul Castro has stated that they are baffled by it. The Americans believe that the Cuban government is using some ultrasonic weapon on their staff. You know, like a Bond villain.

The White House also issued a travel warning to Americans to not go to Cuba. They believe that more attacks on Americans are possible. What the nature of these attack are and how they are done is a mystery.

So, not to get all conspiratorial, but doesn’t this seem weird to you? An unspecified attack by unknown parties with Lord knows what device that’s causing bizarre symptoms? That sounds like something out of a bad crime novel you buy at the airport. It’s possible that the staff is really sick. It’s also possible that this is all B.S. and that it is a way for Trump to close the embassy in effect without actually closing the embassy. It’s all very convenient is all I’m saying.

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