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Univision Buys Gawker Media

Univision gawker

Spanish media conglomerate Univision has purchased struggling media Gawker Media Group. As their first act, they are shutting down but, for now at least, are keeping the other sites up. Nick Denton’s popular series of websites has been in trouble after losing a $140 million lawsuit against Hulk Hogan. They published a video of the Hulkster having sex with a neighbor’s wife and he sued the pants off them, literally. Univision, who also owns the satirical website The Onion, is looking to increase its media holdings in the English speaking market. Gawker’s websites are some of the most popular sites among young millennial types.

As a former Univision employee I can tell you that they have been trying to expand in the English-speaking market for a while. I worked for Fusion for a while which was a joint venture between Univision and ABC. They started out wanting to appeal to young Latinos that either don’t speak Spanish or don’t speak it well. By the end of my time there it had become an amorphous non-specific general millennial audience that really didn’t appeal to anyone. I wonder how well they are going to handle Gawker?

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