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Univision And Come Out With Latino Dating App ‘Chispa’

Are you tired of getting on Tinder and Match and only seeing White folks who love avocado toast and yoga? Do you wish there was a place you could go to meet other young Latinos? Well, then you are in luck, amigos. Univision media and have come together to make a dating app for Latinos called Chispa, which means ‘spark’. It basically works like Tinder. You see available Latinos in your area and if you both pick each other then you can start talking. One major difference from Tinder is that you can put your cultural background and heritage. A spokesperson for Match said,

“We pride ourselves in providing our members with access to a network where they can find commonality and build relationships. We are delighted to help create a place where Latinos can create new connections.”

The question is whether Latinos, particularly young ones, would use this app. Do they care if the person they are dating is Latino or from a certain country? I see this working more with people who immigrated here and are looking for someone from the old country rather than an American-born Latino who is about as Latino culturally as the $99 menu at Taco Bell. Only time will tell.

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