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UPDATE!!! Range Rover Does Scary/Awesome Battle With Biker Gang In NYC

We told you yesterday about a biker gang who had an altercation on the West Side Highway that left one man in a coma and two others in jail. Today more of the story has come to light. Alexian Lien was driving with his family in their Range Rover when a man named Christopher Cruz cut him off and slammed on the brakes causing Lien to tap his rear tire. That’s when the rest of the motorcycle gang began menacing Lien. He felt threatened and took off, running over Edwin Mieses in the process. Mieses has been left paralyzed and is now in a medically induced coma.

Lien hasn’t been charged with any crimes because the cops think he was being threatened by Mieses, Cruz, and the other bikers. The Mieses family are pressing authorities about whether Lien will be charged with a crime. “He just ran into my son,”Mieses’ mother told the Daily News. “Where’s the justice for my son? He’s never going to walk again.” Cruz and another biker named Allen Edwards turned themselves into police and are currently being held as cops try and piece this bizarre story together.



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