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Uruguay And Brazil Advance to The Quarterfinals

The round of 16 was just amazing, with so many great games. Uruguay played very strong as Cavani strikes twice and sends Portugal home.

Despite a late comeback, Argentina just could not stop France and the young superstar Mbappe who scored twice. With the lose Lionel Messi se despide del la Copa Mundial.

Brazil started slow but took control of the game and eliminated Mexico with goals from Neymar and Firmino. The curse of the fifth game lives on for El Tri, and we don’t get free beer.

Colombia played an almost perfect game but was eliminated in penalty kicks, what a heartbreaking lose for los cafeteros.

Now its time for the Quarterfinals as two Latin American teams stand.

Uruguay vs France

This should be an interesting clash between two strong teams. Uruguay seems unbeatable with Luis Suarez and Edison Cavani. Both can be a great threat for France. Cavan suffered a late injury versus Portugal and it is unclear if he is 100%. If Cavani is not fit to start this game, this will be a huge blow for Uruguay.

On the other side, France played brilliantly vs Argentina. Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba are the keys to victory. If Uruguay can slow down Mbappe they have a good chance to move on.

Brazil vs Belgium

Brazil have only conceded one goal at this World Cup and have not been behind in a game. Belgium had a tough time versus Japan but showed why they are a favorite to win it all as they came back and won 3-2. This should be a good game as two strong teams clash.

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