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Uruguay Legalizes Marijuana Trade

Uruguay has become the first country in Latin America to legalize the marijuana trade. President Mujica led the fight to not only legalize pot but to put its growing, cultivation, and selling in the hands of the government. Think of it as the bureaucratic equivalent of that one guy in college that grew his own weed in planter in his closet and then sold it to his friends. The idea is that the worldwide war on drugs has been a horrible failure. The main tactic of these drug enforcement campaigns has been to attack the growing and importation of the drug. This in turn, it’s argued, has made the drug cartels more powerful and dangerous. So, the Uruguayans will remove the middleman and will bring the dank straight to the consumer. It’s a risky move, especially as that this strategy is relatively untested. Not to mention the fact that most Uruguayans aren’t in favor of the policy. This could easily blow up in the president’s face. Or it could be a brave new strategy in combating the drug cartels that have a stranglehold on much of Latin America. There is one thing, however, that I don’t think the Uruguayans have considered: the amount of hippie attention this is going to attract. Sure, hippies will be discussing this for hours in their dirty, stinky apartments between bong hits and bags of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos: “Yeah, man we should, like, be more like Uruguay, man.”, etc. But it’s also going to attract the unwashed masses to descend on Uruguay’s shores. Hippies are going to converge on Montevideo to partake in legalized pot and to dance naked on Uruguay’s many lovely beaches. Is that what you want, presidente Mujica? For your country to be overrun by disgusting White dudes with dreads listening to Phish? Think about it…before it’s too late.


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