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Uruguay Takes A Bite Out Of Italy

With Uruguay needing to win in order to move to the next stage and Italy in control with a draw would get them in the next stage, Uruguay had all the pressure in this game. With a tough first half done and Suarez clearly struggling, Uruguay had a tough second half facing them. Uruguay gradually started to press and had their first real chance to score in the 58th minute when Rodriguez and Suarez played a one-two but the shot went wide. But moments later Uruguay would get the advantage in the game when Italy was reduced to 10 men after Marchisio was red carded for a chopping foul on Edigio Rios.

Despite the man advantage Uruguay just could not get it together and continued to struggle. At the 81st minute, Uruguay finally scored and that was enough to send Italy home. This was a great win for Uruguay but it was overshadowed by controversy. Suarez, who has been banned for biting opponents while playing for Ajaz and Liverpool, at the 75th minute of the game was involved in another incident. This time his victim was Chiellini. Both players fell to the floor and Suarez seems to lose a tooth in the incident. As a result, FIFA will be investigating If Suarez did in fact take a bite our of Cheillini, and could face a suspension. This could be a big blow for Uruguay in the next round.

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