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Venezuela: People Vote in Unofficial Referendum

Al parecer every day that passes things in Venezuela become more dire. After more then three months of protest, the opposition and government have decided to hold two electoral events in Venezuela.

The first event took place on Sunday July 16th with the opposition asking voters if they support the government’s plan to elect a National Constituent Assembly that will overhaul the 1999 constitution.

The official vote will take place on July 30th with the government asking citizens if they support the overhaul of the 1999 constitution.

According to reports more then 7 million Venezuelans voted and 98 percent of voters rejected President Nicolas Maduro’s plan to replace the constitution. Venezuelans living in the U.S. were able to vote and they came out in large numbers.

A voter from South Florida when on to say, “It’s a way to show how many people are actually against the government, and to give support to people that are actually doing the protests and have been arrested.”

Ojalá que algo bueno resulte de todo esto and real changes come to Venezuela. We will see what happens on July 30th.

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