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Venezuela Promoting Barbie/Socialism

In a move that has some people scratching their heads, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has made it easier to buy Barbie dolls. The quasi-socialist country has a history of putting price caps on certain items to make it easier for the masses to buy them. Things like gasoline, for example. Now, just in time for Christmas, Maduro put Barbie on the list of items that vendors have to sell on the cheap. A Barbie doll will now cost Venezuelans $2.50 as opposed to the $15-$20 a Barbie costs us here in the states. I understand that the government doesn’t want to burden people with expensive gifts for Christmas but it’s still a strange move to do it for Barbie. The blond doll has long been derided by socialists as a bourgeois representation of American consumerism and superficiality. Former president Hugo Chavez once pronounced “the stupidity of Barbie”.

I guess like anything else socialist ideals has to give way to certain realities of life. The fact of the matter is that more little girls like Barbie than not and when it comes time to ask Santa Claus or the ghost of Hugo Chavez to slide down the chimney with your presents, they are going to ask for Barbies. It’s the same phenomenon as the Che Guevara t-shirt in Cuba. People love Che and want to promote his ideals but his face has become a capitalist commodity which the Marxist guerrilla probably would have hated. You just can’t fight the pink.

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