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Venezuelan Chavistas Change Lord’s Prayer To Invoke Hugo Chavez

In the latest step in the deification of Hugo Chavez, the Chavistas have changed the words to the Lord’s Prayer to be about Hugo Chavez. Congresswoman Maria Estrella Uribe invoked the fallen leader’s memory in the opening prayer to a party meeting. Since his death last year, Hugo Chavez has been on the fast track to becoming a god in the eyes of many of his followers. His tomb has become a place of pilferage and prayer. For many Venezuelans Hugo was more than just a president and hilarious cartoon character, he was a socialist messiah. The words to Chavez’s prayer are,

“Our Chavez, who art in Heaven, in earth, in the sea and in us the delegates. Hallowed be Thy name, Thy legacy come to us to take to the people … gives us today your light to that it guides us all days and lead us not into the temptation of capitalism, deliver us from evil, oligarchy and the crime of smuggling, for centuries of centuries. Amen.”

Some might call this kind of thing blasphemy or merely goofy but it is just the end result of the cult of personality that Chavez created for himself while he was president. He intimated that he was the reincarnation of Simon Bolivar, the great liberator of South America, and that his mission was divinely ordained. Socialism is often atheistic but it can be mixed with religion with powerful results. Look at the worship of the Kim family in North Korea or the doctrines of liberation theology that were so popular in Latin America thirty years ago. Pretty soon they are going to be worshiping Hugo in churches and saying that he died for their sins.

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