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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Expels American Embassy Staff

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has ordered the expulsion of three American embassy officials for supposedly helping an opposition leader. The government has been hunting Leopoldo Lopez for leading demonstrations against Maduro’s socialist government. According to Maduro and his cronies the U.S. is helping opposition leaders in an effort to undermine the government created by the late Bolivarian hobbit, Hugo Chavez. The consular officials were tailed by government spies and were said to have met with Lopez’s people. In recent months rising unemployment, out of control inflation, and rampant crime have led to increased demonstrations against the government, particularly on college campuses. This is just another setback in Venezuelan/U.S. policy. There hasn’t been an ambassador in Venezuela in years and I doubt that this is going to fix that situation.

Look, it’s entirely possible that the U.S. is backing opposition leaders in order to destabilize Maduro’s government. It’s in their best interests. Chavez and Maduro’s policies have hurt The United States ability to have control of Venezuela’s vast oil fields the way they used to. Like many decisions of recent American foreign policy, this has more to do with petroleum than ideology. On the other hand Maduro is playing out of the old Castro/Chavez playbook by accusing any opposition of being American stooges. They find the possibility that people might not be happy with their heavy-handed oppressive policies impossible. Clearly, it’s the CIA prompting gullible students into opposing the awesomeness of the Maduro government, right? The question is: what is in the best interest of the people of Venezuela? Right now they are just pawns in a game between the U.S. and Maduro. If they truly want a new government, isn’t it their right to have it?

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