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Video Chatting Robs Of Us Of Our God Given Right To Lie

This past weekend I got to play with an iPhone 4s in earnest for the first time, (I can’t afford that thing, yo). While asking Siri questions in a fake accent so she won’t understand is fun, it was another feature that got me thinking. I have an ancient iPhone that doesn’t have the Facetime app that allows you to video call people. This plus Skype, iChat, and several other video conferencing apps are great…except…what If I want to lie about what I’m doing?

Look, I’m not advocating lying…OK, I totally am. Not big lies, “No, honey I’m not sleeping with your sister”, little lies. Let’s say I got drunk last night and my mom calls me at 11 am the next day. I’m still in bed, I look like crap, I’m clearly hungover. Now, with a video call I can’t hide any of that. Or what if my wife calls while she’s on a business trip and I’m eating something that’s not on my diet? How can I lie and say, “I’m eating a salad”, if she can see me eating fried chicken? How can I call in and pretend to be sick if you can see that I look fine?  What if I’m in my underwear and I don’t feel like putting on pants? Sometimes better technology isn’t really better.

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