Highlights From the Grammy Awards In Case You Missed It

grammys-tu vez
January 31, 2014 

Mumford & Sons, Gotye and Adele are among the winners at the 55th awards show. Watch acceptance speeches, performances and other highlights from the 55th Grammy Awards that took place on Sunday night.


Devil Baby Horrifies New Yorkers

Devil Baby Attack Tu Vez
January 30, 2014 

Hot on the heels of the viral success of Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise the special effects team rig up a ‘devil baby’ and record people’s reactions to the horrifying tot.


Highway Scare Prank

Truck Pank
January 29, 2014 

Guy pranks his wife in the car, pretending there is a truck coming towards them when in fact it’s just a truck being towed.


Nelson Mandela’s Life and Legacy

Nelson Mandela TuVez
December 06, 2013 

The former South African president, Nobel Peace Prize winner and anti-apartheid leader died Thursday at the age of 95. President Jacob Zuma, said Mandela, known affectionately by his clan name “Madiba” had died “peacefully” at around 8:50 p.m. while in the company of his family.


Mexico’s game-winning goal against Panama by Raul Jimenezs bicycle kick

bicycle kick
October 13, 2013 

Raul Jimenez scored on a 16-yard bicycle kick in the 85th minute — four minutes after Mexico had allowed a tying goal and El Tri beat Panama 2-1 Friday night at Azteca Stadium to revive its hopes to qualifying for its sixth straight World Cup.


Reminder to buckle up

September 06, 2013 

This dude could have avoided a road rash on his forehead if he put on his seatbelt. Either way he is just lucky to be alive.


The Peruvian Fight Club Festival, Takanakuy

March 16, 2012 

By Jack Tomas The first rule of Peruvian fight club is you don’t talk about Peruvian fight club. The second rule of Peruvian fight club is you don’t talk about Peruvian fight club! (I always wanted to do that). In a town called Santo Tomas, way up in the Andes mountains, the local Indians have….


LOL Clip Of The Day: When Cows Attack

Screen shot 2012-03-14 at 3.50.18 PM
March 14, 2012 

It does seem like lately we’ve been featuring a lot of videos featuring animal defending themselves or hurting others. This one of a cow fighting back an intruding human is no different. Maybe it’s a sign that the apocalypse is finally upon us and that those that we feed on will no longer take it.


Watch Jimmy Kimmel Interview Will Ferrell Entirely In Spanish

Screen shot 2012-03-14 at 2.09.44 PM
March 14, 2012 

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel sat down with Will Ferrell days before the wide release of Casa De Mi Padre. You might be thinking to yourself, “So what? Every movie star goes around the late night circuit to plug their movie. What’s different about this?” Well, Mr. Negative Nancy, did you know that this particular….


LOL Clip Of The Day: Douchebag Penguin

Screen Shot 2012-03-13 at 4.50.43 PM
March 13, 2012 

Sure this penguin may be a jerk, but in all likelihood that guy probably deserved it.

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