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Watch List: Alejandro Jodorowski’s Santa Sangre

What in the heck?! Earlier today, Film Drunk posted this clip from Alejandro Jodorowski’s 1989 film Santa Sangre. The clip was passed along to them via Severin Films, who’s trying their hardest to promote the film’s DVD and Bluray release. Let us just say that they’re doing a mighty fine good job. We’re certainly interested. In the clip, a sketchy dude (think Harvey Keitel in Taxi Driver) stops a group of mentally disabled (is that what we’re saying nowadays?) kids outside a movie theater and gives them cocaine. Honestly, just because they have special needs doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy some of that sweet nose candy. The video goes from weird to batsh-t insane very quickly.

We discovered the films of the Chilean-born director in college. One of our roommates put Jodorowski’s El Topoon during one of the first times we ever consumed illicit substances (just kidding, Ma! We’ve never done drugs!). Our minds were blown. We freaked out and we couldn’t look away. Seriously, if you haven’t seen any of Jodorowski’s works, fix that right now! As for us, you bet your pretty little self that we’ll be buying Santa Sangre when it comes out next Tuesday.

Video via Film Drunk

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