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Alien/Pig Hybrid In Guatemala?

Last week, we discussed the chupacabra phenomenon that’s been going on in Latin America for the last twenty years. This week, a new weird alien-like creature has popped up. A pig, born in the Guatemalan village of Santa Cruz El Chol, looks like a human/alien/pig mutant. This follows reports of strange lights in the sky around the town. Naturally, the people in the town think that an alien got it on with the pig and created this unfortunate little piglet.

The mutation is probably just the result of local pollution, but in a way we’re glad if aliens really are visiting Latin America. Why should rednecks in rural Arkansas be the only ones that have close encounters? Are the aliens racist? If anything they should create a stronger alliance with us Latinos. Think about it, if they come down and want to live amongst us, conservative politicians will want to build a wall around the Earth to keep them out. They’ll be in the same boat as us. One day, alien coyotes will be crossing the Earth’s borders with a space-truck full of illegal aliens.

Via The Post Chronicle.

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